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Mastodon logo December 2022: I abandoned Twitter in favor of Mastodon:
Macworld December 2009: I wrote an explanation of Google Voice for Macworld
December 2008: I now work in the Computational Biology Center at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.
Macworld, October 2008 October 2008: Rich and I co-wrote an article on Mac firewalls for Macworld; I also wrote a review of NetBarrier X5 to support it.
February 2008: I worked at Goldman Sachs as a System Administrator.
PS 321 November 2007: Julia was in kindergarten at PS 321, and I volunteered to be their webmaster. We signed on with eChalk to host the site in their CMS.
iPhone September 2007: I got an iPhone -- at $399 it was an easy decision. I posted some notes on the eval, and collected some iPhone bookmarks.
TidBITS June 2007: I wrote a long article for TidBITS about SSL/TLS, attempting to explain it to a lay audience. I wrote another piece for admins on how to use, which TidBITS didn't pick up, and a third piece on a couple shell scripts I wrote to help run a Certificate Authority, called cert.command & sign.command. I hope you find them (and my other articles) interesting and useful.
  1. TidBITS: Securing Communications with SSL/TLS: A High-Level Overview
  2. Full Series (3 parts, with scripts): Securing Communications with SSL/TLS
OpenSSH April 2007: I drafted a book about ssh, which I wanted to call Take Control of SSH. I posted a couple sections, covering Public Key Authentication and Reverse Tunnels.
Update: It is unlikely Take Control of SSH will ever happen.
MacFUSE January 2007: Amit Singh released MacFUSE at Macworld Expo earlier this month, and I wrote about it for TidBITS (MacFUSE Explodes Options for Mac File Systems).
WordPress December 2006: Blog moved. Mac OS X (Tiger) Server's Blojsom and Mailman installations are unstable (and Blojsom is less capable than the non-Apple mainstream version), so I moved my blog to; lists moved to DreamHost as well.
September 2006: We moved within Park Slope.
January 2006: Blog. I wanted a place to post stuff that wasn't even tangentially Julia-related, so I started putting it at (now defunct). Blojsom is quite good, but Apple's screwed up the security. It was a good place to record computer esoterica that might be useful to others (and to myself in the future.
48 Maple Lane October 2005: My parents moved to Kendal on Hudson recently, and sold their house -- they actually sold half the property, and then sold the house itself with the other half. The fellow who bought the house rebuilds houses for a living, and ended up rebuilding it with a revised floorplan. I have an old photo and a gallery of the work in progress.
XO Wave January 2004: Our friend Björn was getting ready to publish his XO Wave audio software -- we've been discussing his work and plans for over a year (and I host his sites), so it's exciting that he's coming out of stealth mode. I later wrote the manual.
FreeBSD Updated May 2003: I've been running FreeBSD on for about a year, and I'm very impressed with it. I posted a streamlined install process for FreeBSD and the ports I used.
Mac OS X Power Tools Updated April 2003: I wrote the Darwin/UNIX (command line) chapter of Mac OS X Power Tools.
Julia November 8, 2002: Julia Lauren Pepper arrived.
Interarchy logo October 2002: I wrote the Interarchy manuals (from about version 3.8 through 6.2).
Movies! I wrote movie review snippets from 1995-1997 and 2002-2014.
Julia models for TidBITS February 2002: I've written articles about the UNIX aspects of Mac OS X and firewalls for TidBITS.
Mastering Mac OS X July 2001: I wrote the command line (Darwin/UNIX) chapter of Mastering Mac OS X, 1st Edition.
Rockefeller University logo January 2001: I worked in Information Technology at Rockefeller University.
Analog logo I like and use Analog, a web log analysis tool. My Analog page contains a small script I wrote to make using Analog with multiple sites very easy, and a compiled version of Analog for Mac OS X / Darwin.
I was the volunteer webmaster for the Info-Mac Network, which has been retired.
Apache I'm an occasional committer (though currently pretty inactive) on the Apache httpd documentation project.
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