Amy Pepper

I have lived in Park Slope, Brooklyn since 1986. I grew up in New Jersey and attended Oberlin College in Ohio. I spent a semester living in Dublin, Ireland, reading a lot of James Joyce, and drinking a lot of Guinness. When back at Oberlin I helped to found a student literary magazine called Writers' Bloc.

Awhile Ago
  • Typed for a living
  • Wrote fiction
  • Got tendinitis
Less Recently
  • Worked at Rockefeller University
  • Learned to love the vi editor
  • Wrote poetry

In 1994 I became involved with Oberlin Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Alumni (OLGBA), which has since become Oberlin Lambda Alumni (OLA). I became the co-chair of OLA after a short time, and am very proud to have helped lead the largest LGBT alumni organization in the country.