What is Multilog?

Multilog is a program to analyze web logs from multiple sites. It uses Analog (and optionally DNSTran and gawk).

Multilog processes log files with DNSTran, to do reverse IP lookup (this is a slow process, so it's bad to have the web server doing it in realtime). Then it processes all the Analog report files provided, to generate standard Analog reports. Finally, Multilog can summarize Analog reports on several sites to provide a tabular highlight report in HTML format.


1.1, (unreleased)
1.0.3, 2000/09/30
1.0.2, 2000/09/21
Removed an erroneous comment
1.0.1, 2000/09/21
1.0, 2000/09/20
Initial release

Possible future features

Download Multilog v1

Updated April, 2003